Hey, I'm Larissa! You might know me from my "FINISHIT: Screenwriting Sprint" workshop! I created it to help me beat procrastination, and to help my writer friends take ideas they talked about and make them a reality. It began in 2015 at my very own kitchen table with my friends, then I took it to the local nonprofit filmmaking organization Raindance Canada (based in Toronto). It quickly became a member-favorite, monthly screenwriting workshop. FINISHIT will soon be available right here on my own website - even better than my live workshop!

I co-wrote and am currently directing and producing a web series called Allie & Lara Make a Horror Movie (literally about the horrors of trying to make your own films). Check it out, we have an awesome writing competition running. 

I’ve studied writing and screenwriting at Humber College, UCLA, University of Toronto, and taken so many online courses that I've experienced "computer sunburn". (Don't google it. It's not a thing.) I want to help you write the best story possible. And hey, I also want to help myself - but that's why I'm so obsessed with mastering the craft. I'm letting my "wounds be my wisdom" (so wounded, so wise) and sharing the best of what I know, so that you don't make the same mistakes.


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